ACM Group Collection Agency

Getting in touch with the ACM Group is as simple as following the links below.  You can contact us through phone, fax, and email.  Are you looking for a way to lodge a complaint with ACM about your experience with them?  The ACM Group is dedicated to making sure they are capable of conducting their work in an ethical manner and will always be happy to receive any comments you may have about your experience.

If you are submitting a complaint via email or fax you must be sure to clearly mark your correspondence as a complaint to ensure that it is directed to the right department.  We are committed to providing satisfactory replies to your comments and we will strive to provide these responses in a reasonable timeframe.

If you have already lodged a complaint and are yet to hear back from an ACM Group representative you are encouraged to resubmit your complaint and make it clear that you have already submitted the complaint but have not received a response.  We feel it is important to listen to what the broader community is saying about us and make changes where necessary.

The ACM Group can be contacted using the information listed below.  The ACM Group is a debt collection agency based in Sydney that operates nationally.  To find out more about the ACM Group you can visit the About Us page.  If you want to contact the ACM Group, continue reading this page to find out how.

Listed below is the contact information for the ACM Group.  If you wish to contact the ACM Group please take note of our office hours to ensure you are able to reach one of our representatives.  You should also note that the ACM Group is based in Sydney and timezone differences should be taken into consideration when contacting the ACM Group.

If you wish to lodge a complaint about the ACM Group you can use any of the methods of contact listed below to reach the appropriate department.  If you believe that somebody is attempting to scam you by passing themselves off as a debt collector from the ACM Group you are urged to contact us today.  Fighting scams and fraud is an important responsibility that the ACM Group take very seriously.

Phone Direct

  • Sydney Office: 1800 673 668 toll free


  • Sydney Office: (02) 9264 9555


  • Level 3, 287 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


Office Hours

  • Monday 12.00 mid-day to 8.30pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm